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There was lady who needed prayer to stop Incubus and Succubus. She was being kept up all night long fighting against these sex demons. She told me, “If I turn on my back to resist the demon from using my vagina, it would use my anus. I turn on my belly to stop the demon from using my anus, it uses my vagina. It would not give in no matter how much bible I read, and scripture verses I quoted”. Her eyes were tired and red. Her eyes had dark circles around them from lack of sleep. She was drained of her energy. She had to work so she needed deliverance. My father always said, “It is better to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish”. Here is a simple step by step cheat sheet for deliverance from these sex demons.

ACKNOWLEDGE: Admit to God’s existence; His greatness; His LORDSHIP

CONFESS: Every sexual sin (past & present)

REPENT: Every sin and every sexual sin (past & present)

RENOUNCE: Every sexual sin (past & present) – Pornography, masturbation, adultery, fornication, sexual perversion, sexual fetishes, sexual fantasies, homosexuality, incest, rape, bestiality.

WASH: Every orifice needs to be washed. Ask the Holy Spirit to apply the Blood of Jesus Christ upon any area of your body and to scrub away this contamination. Make mention of your eyes, mouth, nose, vagina, anus, penis, stomach, digestive system, etc. Wash away every body/spirit fluid, marks of identification. Every area of your dwelling: home, room, apartment; revealing any books, object, toy, doll, stuffed animal, tapes, cds, clothing that ties you to these sex demons so you can burn them. Never give these things to anyone else.

FILL: Holy Ghost, the Word of God

COVER: Use the FULL ARMOR of GOD, The Blood of Jesus – cover your body, your sleep, your dream, The Word of GOD.

THANKS: Thank the LORD for deliverance;

ASK: Ask the Holy Spirit to keep a watch over you and to reveal to you any upcoming visits planned by the enemy.


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