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The Incubus spirit is the male form and succubus is the female form of demon who feed off the same type of energy and are not ghosts. So do not confuse these demons with ghosts. They are said to have birdlike claws, serpentine tails; beautiful and irresistible. They reportedly take orders from some goddess. Lilith: mother of demons being one of them.

They take the forms of cats, dogs, and/or other household pets.

They are said to cause their victims to suffer sleep paralysis by draining them of their energy. They wake up with pain at the reproductive site. Repeated episodes or encounters result in the deterioration of health and ultimately death.

The persons encountering these spirits must:


· Identify the sin in his/her life

· Confess them immediately

· Repent of them

· Ask forgiveness

· Be washed with the blood of Jesus Christ – denounce, separate self

· Close every entry way for those and other demons

· Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and abide & reign supremely

· Continue to keep away demons and spirits by walking in obedience to the Word of God

· Partner with the Holy Spirit in the spiritual warfare for your soul

Below please find an example of a prayer you can pray to get rid of these spirits.


Jehovah Adonai, I come to you, Adonai, in the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior. You are greater than any demonic force, agent or power. Your word declares that, “All power is given unto you in heaven and in earth”. Adonai Jehovah you have no equal and you have no rival. You alone are God and there is none that can reckon with you, Oh Jehovah Nissi.

Right now, I come to you to petition for your help. May thy Holy Spirit come now and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Free me from spiritual and physical bondages. Untie me; release my body, soul and spirit from every demonic attachment, incumbents, manipulation, influence, covenants, soul, generational and sexual ties that hold me to incubus and succubus spirits.

I confess that I have sinned in earth and before thy sight. I confess and repent of every sin of adultery, sin of fornication, sin of masturbation, use of sex toys, mannequins, sex with animals (beastialty), incest, same sex, children, pornography, threesome…, anal sex, oral sex … (please insert your sin here; these are just examples). Jehovah Tsidkenu, thou righteous God, I confess and repent of all these sins. I am sorry Lord. I repent before you now, in Jesus’ name.

Forgive me, Jehovah Adonai, for I have committed such abominations in your sight. Please forgive me for your word says that if I confess my sins that you are faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Forgive me and wash me with the precious blood of Jesus Christ my Redeemer.

I renounce every attachment and influence, I renounce and disassociate myself from every possession, manipulation and utility of demonic spirits including Incubus and Succubus spirits in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

As you wash me Adonai, close every entry way of my life. Stand at the doors of my life Holy Ghost so no demon can return to torment me and use me. I give myself to you now that you may occupy my entire life and reign supremely from within in the name of Jesus Christ.

I declare myself free from every penalty and covenant, agreement, or promise to which I am tied knowingly or unknowingly because of self and/or family declarations, incantations, or any other covert and overt activities. I break every cord, every trap, every snare, bondage and every ounce of control of the kingdom of darkness over my life and that are attached to my life.

I order Incubus and Succubus spirits including any of their attachments and their influence to be bound by the power of God. Rain upon them brimstone and fire, Oh thou everlasting God. Empty the cup of thy fury upon their heads. Spear of God identify them; drag them from their hiding places and annihilate them from my life and from this earth; let a tsunami of your havoc storm upon them Oh Adonai. Break them asunder, paralyze them and burn them, Oh thou fire of the Living God.

I decree and declare that I am in full agreement with the Blood Covenant of Jesus Christ thy Son and my Redeemer. Purge me now with the regenerated Blood of Jesus Christ and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Place the whole armor of God over me: I declare that my head is covered with the helmet of salvation; my loins girded about with Truth, I have on the breastplate of righteousness, I carry the shield of faith, my feet are fitted with the Gospel of Peace and in my hand is the Sword of the Spirit- the dynamic Word of God.

Yes, Adonai Jehovah, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, please reveal continually any new operations of the Incubus, Succubus and any other spirit planning to attack me or any member of my family in the name of Jesus Christ. Uncover their plans so that I can confess, repent and call down thine eternal judgment upon them so they be no more; I promise to abide in you so you can abide in me, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. AMEN.

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