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PRAYER against Incubus, Succubus and Other Evil Spirits

El Gibor, Mighty God, our Warrior and Champion that excel in strength; go before me Almighty God and stir up jealousy like a man of war. Oh, thou everlasting God, you prevail against my enemies. King of glory, Lord, mighty in battle, God of majesty. Gird thy sword upon thy thigh O Most Mighty God. Blessed be thou Lord of my strength, which teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight. This battle, this spiritual battle, that I wage against sin, against evil, against the temptation, against the darkness, against the dark deeds of this world, my God, my fight is not against flesh and blood, but of course, the wrestle against is against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and I am not alone because Almighty God, El Gibor, is with me. You sustain me; you train my hands to war; you comfort me and uphold me with thy Mighty hand, All-powerful, Almighty God.

Thank you for hearing me when I pray. Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for waking me up every day and showering me with blessing. Oh, you daily upload my day with an array of miracles and uncommon favors. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins and strengthening the weak areas of my life, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for the battering, the breaking and the throwing down of any gods in my life. When they of Ashdod arose early, behold Dagon was fallen on his face to the earth before the Ark of the Covenant, and they of Ashdod set Dagon upright again, but on the morrow when they arose, behold, Dagon was fallen to the ground before the Ark of the Lord, and the head of Dagon and both palms of his hands cut off upon the threshold; only the stump of Dagon was left to him. Treat me not as I deserve Lord. I am a sinner and need your grace. Today, I fall prostrate at the feet of Jesus for His forgiveness as I repent before Him. I cry out unto thee dear Lord for I have sinned and come short of thy glory.

Adonai, Master, as a result of my sins, I have incurred rewards that is tormenting me.

Tormenting demons have attached themselves to me. I have come under immense attack from all kinds of wicked spirits:

- Incubus & Succubus spirits have caused me sleepless nights

- Frustration, Tiredness, Wearisomeness, sadness and exhaustion from staying up and fighting this seemingly, never ending battle.

I come to ask for your help. Forgive me and every sexual sin that I have committed - actual sins and sins in my mind:

· Pornography, Fornication, Adultery, Masturbation. Bestiality, incest, child molestation. Homosexuality, Perversion, rape

· Wash me with the blood of Jesus Christ.

· Forgive me now please Lord.

· I repent before Heaven and before thy eyesight.

· I sever every tie with any and every sexual demon.

· I destroy, through the power of the Holy Ghost, any tie, any covenant or pact I may have signed with Satan, in the name of Jesus

· I break every influence, burn every manipulation of my body by anything or anyone.

· I give you, dear Lord Jesus, total control over my entire life and affairs, but especially over my body in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

· Set me free for whom the son sets free is free indeed.

· I extend my faith now, and I walk in the freedom afforded me at Calvary.

· At Calvary, my sins were erased.

- At Calvary, Jesus took my place.

- At Calvary, there is Amazing Grace.

I bask in God's Amazing Grace through faith in Christ. I am saved through grace. I am freed through grace. I am alive and living abundantly because of His grace.

Sin no longer has any dominion over me or my body, in Jesus’ name because of the grace of God. AMEN, Amen, Praise ye the LORD!

· I declare that through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ

- Through the power of the cross.

- Through the power of the Incarnate Word.

- I can sleep. “For the sleep of a laboring man is sweet”.

- When I liest down that I will not be afraid and that my sleep shall be sweet

- When I rise up in the mornings, or whenever I choose to sleep. That I will awake with strength, for the Lord it is that sustains me.

Adonai Jehovah, be thou exalted among the heathen; be thou exalted in the earth, El Gibor

· I declare that my soul, will return onto her rest for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with her.

· I place over me the full armor of God I placed over my resources and my family members - every last one, and upon everything that pertains unto me, the full armor of the Lord God.

· Furthermore, I declare, that no demon shall come nigh my dwelling.

· I declare no evil shall infiltrate my sleep or the place where I sleep.

· I declare that no evil shall invade my dreams and prevent my visions.

· I declare that nothing under the sun, nothing under the earth or upon the earth shall prevent me from remembering every bit of my dream and visions that God has given me.

· I declare that instead of demonic involvements that I shall experience angelic visitations from Adonai Jehovah

· I declare that I shall dream dreams and that I shall see visions.

· I shall know prophecies and the interpretation of God's word for the H/S shall uniquely open my understanding and shall cause me to increase in His wisdom and in knowledge

· I declare that the fellowship I have with Jesus Christ shall remain EXCLUSIVE

· I declare that I shall have revelations and deep sustained intimacy with Christ, my Lord and Savior exclusively

· I declare that my sleep is spiritually and physically secured by the hand of God.

· I declare that my sleep is protected by the presence of God.

· I declare that my sleep is superimposed by the Word of God.

· I declare that when I sleep that, angels will be ministering unto me and strengthening me

· I declare that, while I sleep, angels will be fighting for me.

· I declare that angels with flaming swords and chariots of fire will safeguard my home, my affairs, my ministry, my marriage, my offspring, my finances - everyone and everything that pertains unto me forever, in the mighty name of Jesus.

· I declare that every resistance of Satan toward my prayers has been broken, has been annulled, has been disintegrated in the mighty name of Jesus.

· I declare that the answers to my prayers shall have free course, no hindrances, no delays, in the name of Jesus.

· I declare now, that the answers to my prayers shall be immediate for God said before I call, He will answer and while I am speaking, He will hear me.

· Overnight my deliverance, I pray dear Lord.

· Let my victories against Satan & his cohorts be immediate.

· Make an open show of them O thou mighty God of war!

· Free me speedily by thy powerful hand, O El Gibor

- I decrease right now, so that Jesus can increase.

- I humble myself for Jesus Christ must be exalted in all that I do and in all that I say. I decrease so that Christ be exalt in all this earth, forever and ever.

I rest in thee; I rest on thee knowing that you are the Watchman - the Keeper of my cities, Keeper of my home; Keeper of my gates; Keeper of the doors of my life and, therefore, I cannot wake in vain. You, Adonai, art the Keeper of my life, and I shall never wake in vain because your word declares it, your word mandates it to be so and it shall be so, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Psalm 127:1 defines it, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it; unless the Lord keeps the city, the watchman waketh, but in vain”.

Thank you, Lord, for forever thy word is registered in heaven in Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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