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“He is not here: for He is risen as He said. Come, see the place where the LORD lay”

(Matthew 28:6).

Jesus was crucified and laid in a sepulchre and a great stone rolled by its opening to secure it/to prevent the LORD Jesus from leaving on the third day. However, upon the third day when the women, including Mary Magdalene, came looking for Jesus they found an angel seated on the stone, the watchmen fainted and Jesus gone. No stone could keep Jesus in a sepulchre. Men with carnal weapons could not prevent Jesus, the Son of God, from leaving. Nothing, no power on earth, beneath the earth or in air could prevent the Resurrection and the Life from emerging from and walking out as He had promised.

Certainly, if earthly men/power could prevent Jesus from arising then our hope would have been stagnated and dead as that powerless body, but Jesus is the Life-Giver, my friend. Again, just imagine if the women had not witnessed an empty tomb and these words, “He is not here: for He is Risen as He said” were not spoken by the angel, heard by the women and recorded for us. What would our hope be like? How discomforting, how sorrowful, and hopeless we would be today.

Analytically, today we have great comfort because of this empty tomb. We have great joy because of this empty tomb. We have great peace because of this empty tomb. We have salvation because of this empty tomb. Redemption because of this empty tomb. Healing is ours because of this empty tomb. We have hope, hope that maketh not ashamed, because of this empty tomb. The women not only witnessed the empty tomb of Jesus but as they journeyed to bring the good news to Jesus’ disciples, they met the Risen Lord, the Risen Savior, the Risen King.

Let us rejoice because Christ is risen and is alive and consequentially, lay every single thing that confronts us – bury them in the empty tomb of Jesus and walk away in the victory of our Conquering Savior and LORD. When next evil confronts you, laugh in its face. Laugh in the face of darkness and say resoundingly, “It is written, He is not here: for He is risen as He said”. Tell the enemy, “He is risen, He is Alive! No power could limit/prevent the Lord, our Christ from emerging from the tomb then and no power can limit/prevent Him from emerging and walking up and down in your situation now!” Hold onto your victory as you walk in the power of the empty tomb of Jesus.

God bless you!

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