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When you come under attack, know that it is normal. Yes, it is normal. For the Word of God, declares that, “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake (Isaiah 54:15). So, the enemy will gather. You will come under attack, but please, please, remind yourself that the enemy and his cohorts, regardless of what they come with, can never prosper. "They will fall" declares El Gibbor the Almighty God. They will fail. All their tricks in trade will actually fail, declares the All-Powerful majestic God of strength. Strength that cannot be compared with any other; strength with which no other agent or power can reckon.

He delivered the Hebrew boys from the fire.

He delivered Daniel from the den of hungry lions.

He delivered Israel from Pharaoh and his army.

He has been delivering you and he will deliver you, continually, from the noisome pestilence; from the snare of the Fowler; from the terror by night and the arrow that flies by day.

He will deliver you from these pestilences that are walking in darkness. Yes, he promises to deliver you from the destruction that wasteth at noon.

They shall fall at thy side, and at your right hand. No evil shall befall you. They shall not even come near where you live, said the Lord God Almighty. So, when you come under attack from evil spirits; when you come under attack from wicked spirits, marine spirits, sexual spirits – Incubus and Succubus spirits; moth-eating financial spirits. Stand up in the power of the Spirit of God and declare that El Gibor, the Mighty Warrior, the Champion of our souls, is with you and that He it is that has taught your hands to war and your fingers to fight. He it is that is standing with you and fighting for you and fighting with you.

When you come under any attack. Please, take full consolation in the words of El Gibor, “No weapon, absolutely no weapon – physical/spiritual, not even one weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that is lifted up against you, in judgment, is condemned” in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, your LORD. God bless you!

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